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What is your personal vision for your business? How about for your life? Too few business owners and CEOs find the time to stop and consider these questions. Thinking through them and then taking the steps necessary to transform a vision from a vague dream to reality is a process that will make your life and company great. Our clients tell us it ultimately makes the difference between a mediocre existence and a fulfilling one.

At The Alexander Group, we specialize in helping you identify these visions and make them your reality. Our philosophy is “gaining commitment to improvement,” which means everything we do focuses on the idea of staying committed to the process—committed to improvement and ongoing fine-tuning of your life and business.

Our Experience Becomes Your Experience

Our team has the experience of more than thirty years of business ownership, and we put those years of real-world business experiences to work for you. With our business coaching and advisory boards, you can avoid a lot of the painful trial-and-error most business owners must go through to get to the other side of a challenge.

When you don’t have to get caught up in a lot of the typical mistakes and growing pains that business owners go through, you can devote more time to exploring your life and business vision. This is at the heart of everything we do at The Alexander Group.

A New Way of Growing Your Business

As a business owner, it’s easy to let the day-to-day tasks of running your company bog you down and prevent you from performing the tasks that will lead to growth. It’s difficult to consider a personal and business vision when you can’t seem to find a moment outside of processing bills or handling customer service issues.

This is where The Alexander Group comes in; we bring focus and purpose to what you are doing in your business. We can help you get off the proverbial hamster wheel and onto a path of growth and success. We believe there is no reason to reinvent the wheel—instead, you can connect with other people who’ve been where you are and were able to come through on the other side successfully.

Through our business coaching services and advisory board, you can get the support and ideas you need and avoid the hassle, stress and isolation of having to figure it all out on your own.

Get to Know Cornell Meyer—the Expert Behind The Alexander Group

Cornell Meyer is a dynamic business executive and the president of an independent consulting firm in the St. Louis metropolitan area. With a focus on business growth through internal development, Cornell has developed his abilities for superior analytical and problem-solving skills, negotiating strategic alliances and implementing continuous improvement quality and safety programs.

After building his own successful construction company over 35 years, Cornell decided to sell his business and pursue his passion for helping he peers through business coaching to guide other small business owners, executives and CEOs. He has discovered his own life’s vision, sharing his experience and quality education in total quality management, performance measurement and profit-making.

Over the years, Cornell has served on advisory boards to banking, healthcare, construction industries and state agencies. His companies received industry awards for Quality of Work and Outstanding Achievement. Cornell has also received recognition for outstanding service to the Military Airlift Command.

The author of pieces such as Worker-Place Safety Helps People, Profits and other books and whitepapers, Cornell enjoys sharing what he has learned over the years with other business owners in a wide variety of industries. Throughout all his work, Cornell weaves in his philosophy of “gaining commitment to improvement.”

Are you ready to dissolve your barriers, commit to executing and achieving your vision?

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