Behavioral Training

The value of behavioral training becomes clear when you consider that discord in the office can derail even a well-crafted business strategy. 

As a business grows and begins to include more personnel with various positions and roles, seeking out behavioral training becomes necessary. The issues that can arise in the office from time to time are capable of causing unwanted setbacks, and this type of training can ensure your business maintains a stable work environment. This takes place on an individual scale, where assessments reveal how well a person can work with others. DISC personality assessments are an important starting point for behavioral training, as they focus only on the factors that impact the way a person functions in the workplace. DISC training and behavioral training go hand in hand.

What Is a DISC Assessment? How Does It Work?

The letters in DISC stand for Dominant, Influencing, Steady and Compliant, and they are categories of behavior into which a person might fall. A DISC personality test doesn’t focus on a person’s personality, so much as it centers on their behavior and the various ways they communicate. Factors like education, intellect, and experience aren’t a consideration with DISC training. Instead, the assessment identifies how a person might respond to different people, issues and procedures. DISC can provide the means for fully understanding where an employee currently stands before getting started on the behavioral training they need.

This isn’t just for employees, however. The value of these assessments is a waste if not utilized by the person who hired the staff in the first place. As an owner, gaining a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses from a behavioral standpoint will allow you to focus on what you’re best at while hiring people who complement your problem areas. No one can be good at everything, and it’s important that business owners take this into account when they’re assembling their supporting cast.

DISC Training with The Alexander Group Gets to the Root of Behavioral Obstacles

The vast majority of people who end up losing their jobs don’t do so because they’re incapable of getting the work done. The real reason is that they have trouble getting along with others. Behavioral training could save any number of those jobs, but only if business owners take the time to consider the benefits. Reduced turnover can save you a great deal of time and effort that would otherwise go into hiring replacements (and potentially training them), but the employees themselves also stand to gain from behavioral assessments and correction.

This training paves the way for individuals to better understand themselves, while also highlighting the necessary changes. They can have a better understanding of how to adapt their behavior to the people around them, which leads to improved communication and better teamwork across the board. A DISC assessment can not only demonstrate the issues at hand, but it can also establish their root causes.

All behavioral training boils down to people being capable of understanding themselves, which is a necessary step if they intend to adapt their behavior to be more productive and cooperative. With a better understanding of themselves, employees can more readily improve the ways they respond to issues that may arise in the workplace. This improved understanding also makes it possible for people to see themselves the way everyone else does. This alone can lead to notable improvements in behavior and overall work presence.

The Alexander Group Offers Great Flexibility in DISC Assessments and Training

When you achieve personal insight with DISC, you can not only better understand and appreciate your particular style of behavior, but you can also more effectively adapt your style for communicating with others. Style flexibility is the process of learning to treat others the way they prefer, and at The Alexander Group we can provide every resource needed to help you achieve this, both for yourself and for any employees you designate for training. These include assessments in online and paper formats, books and tutorials, and even PowerPoint presentations to ensure that no details get overlooked or misinterpreted.

At The Alexander Group, we pride ourselves on helping people successfully achieve their visions, both for their own lives and for their businesses. To learn more about behavioral training and how it can help your employees work better together, or make you a better owner, don’t hesitate to contact us online today. Alternatively, you can ask us any questions you have over the phone at 636.352.3835.