Vacation, Bereavement, Sick Days, and Jury Duty OR PTO? What’s the best policy?

Vacation, Bereavement, Sick Days Vacation, Bereavement, Sick Days. As an employer, it’s very important to understand the different types of HR policies when it comes to employees’ time off. As a leading small business consultant company, we’ve grown to understand a lot about how the implementation of HR policies affects different sizes and types of […]

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American Eagle

The Business Plan for Both Good Times and Bad

Plan for Both Good Times and Bad Plan for Both Good Times and Bad. We can all agree that the US economy is flying very high right now, taking small businesses with it, but what are you doing now to prepare for when the engine stalls? The Alexander Group Peer Board Members and Coaching Clients […]

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Bring Your Own Device

5 Reasons Why “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is a Very Bad Idea

Bring Your Own Device By Cornell Meyer The Alexander Group Bring Your Own Device. The world has turned digital and phones and computers are now an integral aspect of any business. Any business coach or business consultant will emphasize the necessity for a company and its employees to be digitally connected. But how effective is […]

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