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A Cryptocurrency Guide for Small Business Owners

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been increasingly adopting blockchain technology for several processes, and under the umbrella of blockchain technology sits cryptocurrency. Blockchain can seem nebulous and complicated for small businesses with streamlined accounting processes, but ultimately it’s a tool that will help owners future-proof their business. What is Blockchain? At the most […]

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Cash Flow Management Strategies

Cash flow is the foundation of business success, and regardless of whether times are lean or not, it’s important for all entrepreneurs to understand what it takes to have enough working capital on hand to keep going. Whether you’ve been an entrepreneur for years or you’re just starting out, revisit the basics of managing cash […]

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How Our Clients Navigated the SBA Loan Programs

Earlier this year, the spread of COVID-19 into the United States created the most unprecedented upheaval most business owners have seen in their lifetimes. Remember how it felt like “another shoe dropped” every few hours as we learned about cancellations of sports leagues, concerts, and conventions followed by escalating “stay-at-home” orders across the country? Some […]

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Alexander Group Client Case Study

Painted into a Corner. A The Alexander Group Client Case Study.

Alexander Group Client Case Study Alexander Group Client Case Study “The Alexander Group gave me the CEO, CFO, and COO experience without actually having one.” -Michael Smith, President, Paintsmiths of Missouri PaintSmiths of Missouri, Inc. is a family-owned, commercial painting contractor based in St. Louis. Established in 1963, the company is now in its second […]

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