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Influencing Company Culture by Building Self-Understanding

By now, the world knows the story of the dot-com CEO who fired 900 employees on a Zoom call. There’s no arguing this was a decidedly bad business move, and owners and leaders of businesses of all sizes need to understand why. The CEO in question is Vishal Garg of online mortgage originator, and […]

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What You Can Do About the Labor Shortage

It’s hard to miss all the headlines about the labor shortage. Restaurants are scaling back hours, switching to carry-out only, and even closing for good because they can’t find people. Grocery stores shelves are empty and almost every main street storefront sports a “Help Wanted” sign. Research shows that consumer demand isn’t to blame: Retail […]

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Wage Compression Challenges For Business Owners

Lately, it seems like business owners are facing wave after wave of problems that stand in the way of post-pandemic recovery, with the newest obstacle being wage compression. That’s when you have to raise starting salaries to find new workers and the new people start making as much (or more) as your longtime staff. Why […]

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Company Culture for Remote Teams

Despite the size of your company, culture is the key to its overall success. Until recently, company culture was easy to promote for businesses that had traditional in-office teams. However, with remote work being the norm now and for the foreseeable future, leaders have to adapt their culture-building strategies to pivot and meet changing employee […]

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Avoiding Executive Burnout and Finding Balance

Avoiding Executive Burnout and Finding Balance. There is an infinite number of business growth strategies out there for founders, C-suite members, and entrepreneurs to choose from. However, the most important may be a solid approach to finding a way to avoid burnout and maintain a work-life balance. Lack of motivation, physical fatigue, and even anxiety […]

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Making The Most of Open Enrollment

Making The Most of Open Enrollment. Your HR department and your employees have been waiting and preparing for open enrollment for a year — and now it’s finally here. This is your organization’s chance to show how much you value your workforce and want to contribute to their overall wellbeing. The better they understand their […]

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Tips for Improving Employee Engagement

Tips for Improving Employee Engagement. It’s no secret that keeping employees engaged in the workplace helps the entire organization thrive. In fact, research shows that engaged employees could help boost profitability by up to 21%. When managers use leadership skills to help keep team members passionate about their jobs and their careers, everyone wins. The […]

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How to Beat The Hiring Odds

How to Beat The Hiring Odds and Hire the Right Candidate

The Alexander Group recently hosted a Hiring Workshop featuring David Weller, Ph.D. and Principal of Leadership Alliance. The workshop included our current board member clients, their key managers and invited guests.

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Cost of Hanging on to Toxic Employees

The Real Cost of Hanging on to Toxic Employees

Cost of Hanging on to Toxic Employees. Nearly everyone has worked at a company that has a toxic employee (If you haven’t, count yourself lucky). Even businesses that are lauded as being a “Best Place to Work” can run into problems by hiring a bad apple. Toxicity can range from bullying to sexual harassment to […]

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Business Owners Should Do

Five Things Business Owners Should Do Before The End Of The Year

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash Business Owners Should Do. There are plenty of things savvy business owners should do before year’s end: set goals for next year, thank employees for their contributions, conduct year-end reviews, plan the company Christmas party… the list is long. But you’d better add tax planning too!

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