Peer Boards

What is a Peer Board and how can it help you to get the support and professional advice you need to grow your business?

Have you ever felt like being accountable only to yourself as a business owner is holding you back from serious business growth?  By actively participating in our monthly half-day Peer Boards, our clients become accountable to each other and their facilitator, The Alexander Group (TAG) founder, Cornell Meyer.

As business owners, our clients have learned that being accountable only to themselves can be a disadvantage. TAG board members become accountable to each other to share and then act on initiatives to strengthen and grow their companies.

Our peer boards are grouped to create the ideal mix of experience, common interests, and chemistry to best support one another. Meetings are guided by our TAG principles:


  • Participation
  • Respect
  • Open-Minded
  • Confidentiality
  • Energy
  • Support
  • Sense of Humor


  • Subjective: What do you want from your Board Today? Advice, experience, ideas, opinions, or support?
  • Objective: Describe your issue or opportunity.
  • Analysis: Let the Board ask questions and propose ideas.
  • Plan: Tell the Board what you are going to do.

The Alexander Group Peer Boards, a Legacy of Success

We spread our clients across three different boards and match members to the most appropriate group, depending on their needs and goals.

Cornell facilitates the meetings and has each member give the group updates on the status of their company. Members share problems and challenges and the board as a whole delivers valuable insight, advice, and feedback. Members also work together to create actionable strategic plans and then check-in with each other regularly to make sure they are following the plans.

Having a support system and sounding board comprised of like-minded, experienced, and driven professionals makes all the difference for our members. They are no longer alone, trying to solve problems and find new opportunities. They take advantage of each other’s strengths and gifts to make each member as successful as possible.

What to Expect During a TAG Peer Board Meeting

While each board meeting gets down to business quickly, it feels a lot like a casual gathering with friends. Our members look forward to each meeting and consider it a highlight of the month. We care about our fellow members on both a professional and personal level, and we quickly form a tight-knit group in which each member has the back of the other.

Each meeting has a focus on a new business trend or topic of interest. After learning about this topic, we move around the table to give members a chance to share a particular situation or challenge they are facing. Board members then ask questions to get more information and offer practical advice regarding how they would handle the situation in their own businesses.

Following this time of sharing and expert business troubleshooting, members go around the table again—this time sharing the goals they have for the next 30 days, quarter and year. The members hold each other accountable to these goals, offering suggestions when goals are not met. This is a time when the board members lift each other up and encourage each other to push through to the next level.

Our Peer Board Offers All of the Benefits without the Hassle

 While your business may not be large enough to have an official Board of Directors, you still need the advice and support that comes with this type of organization. That’s where we come in to fill the void.

You may even discover that as your business grows you want to continue using TAG instead of starting your own board. Why deal with the hassle of hiring and maintaining a board when you can get all of the support and benefits from TAG? Our system has the format, tools, and leadership in place to help you increase profitability and make the most of your business today and in the months and years to come.

Are you ready to get connected with a board of like-minded business owners?  Contact us today to discover what our Peer Board has to offer.