Small Business Coaching Programs

In what ways can small business coaching programs help you achieve your vision?

Small business owners sometimes need to leave their comfort zones to find success, and this can include seeking out professional coaching. If you’re looking for guidance as you try to avoid pitfalls and work toward growth, you’ve already taken an important first step. No one can improve if they aren’t willing to learn, and a part of that comes from acknowledging that you aren’t perfect. You’ve made mistakes, but a dependable small business coach can help you avoid repeating them.

What Makes a Business Owner an Ideal Coaching Candidate?

Business owners who want real help to improve themselves and their business — not just a consultant to try and do it for them — can benefit greatly from hiring a business coach. Some owners still haven’t worked everything out, and are in the process of putting together their ideal vision, not just for their business but also for their lives. The Alexander Group’s small business coaching can help with identifying what that vision is, and how best to transform the business to support it.

Balancing work and personal lives is always a challenge. For a business owner, it comes with a great deal of additional stress as one spills into the other. By investing in a business coaching company, you can receive guidance with both sides of the equation, as well as knowledge with which you can better balance them.

Coaching is highly beneficial for private business owners who haven’t reached the point of featuring a board of directors, but who need help navigating problems as they arise. A common issue is that less experienced owners tend to focus on the problem itself, instead of fixating on its source. Sometimes addressing a predicament on the surface isn’t enough, and it will merely keep returning for as long as the root issue remains. It is critical, then, to understand why the problem exists in the first place.

If you’re dealing with dwindling sales, or if you’ve run into problems with your bank, you might not be able to pinpoint the root of the issues. Business coaching services can help you tackle these setbacks and provide the tools you need to address the inevitable hurdles you will encounter in the future.

What Sets Business Coaching Apart from Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching can involve many different elements, given that there’s no telling what issues can arise with personnel in the workplace. This is on a different scale from business coaching, which involves a coach working with the owner and their teams, and tends to cover the bigger picture. Since there are so many different aspects of running a business, The Alexander Group programs also include a wide range of areas. These can include:

  • Peer advisory boards, which provide a confidential environment in which business owners can discuss various issues and opportunities. This exchange of ideas and constructive criticism allows business owners to help their peers.
  • Strategic plan development for future growth and success, which is an ongoing, never completed task.
  • Aided development of the vision for both personal and company lives, and the best way to achieve them.
  • Financial benchmarking, which uses precise analyses to help you understand where you currently stand compared to where you need to be.
  • Behavioral training, to help with workplace issues that may arise between staff members or management.
  • Facilitation of advisor network groups, to ensure that you remain surrounded by the best possible advisors for your specific needs.

Why Go to The Alexander Group for Your Business Coach?

The Alexander Group uses decades of business experience to guide owners towards the fulfillment of their visions. For over ten years we have helped owners navigate high-pressure situations and potential pitfalls, all to come out better than ever on the other side. With The Alexander Group, you can rest assured that you are working with a business coach has sat in your chair. We’ve faced everything you face as a business owner, such as forming new enterprises, turning around struggling operations, and establishing level expansion in fast-growing businesses.

The Alexander Group isn’t your average business coaching company. We focus on providing clients with a more personal, intimate approach to guidance. Coaching isn’t done by phone, or even over Skype — there is no substitute for one-on-one mentoring, and as such The Alexander Group coaching is always in person. To learn more, contact us online or give us a call at 636.352.3835 today.