Mark Cusumano, CEO – FW Warehousing

I’ve worked with The Alexander Group and Cornell Meyer since he became a business coach. In that time, our revenue has doubled from $10,000,000 to $20,000,000. For a family business, an impartial outsider like Cornell helps lead us to decisions that are the right thing to do for the business and for the family. He also distinguishes himself as a business coach because he’s been a businessman his entire career.

Wendy Needham, Owner – NEW Accounting

I was fortunate to start working with the Alexander Group right around the same time I decided to start my own firm. 

Cornell and his team have helped me through every aspect of building my business, from sales, to marketing, to attracting and retaining employees. I don’t know how I would have done it alone.

Dr. Jeff Copeland – Copeland Cosmetic Surgery

I had been building my practice for many years before I started working with The Alexander Group.

There are a lot of things about business that I didn’t know before I started working with Cornell – things that I probably never would’ve discovered on my own. 

Rich Greene, Owner – Richard Greene Company

Rich Greene

My definition of success for my business is to stay in business. There are so many challenges and changes in the market, if you can stay ahead of it, you can stay in business. When I have a problem, it’s often somebody on my board that either has the right advice to help, or they know who I need to talk to to figure it out.

I enjoy working with Cornell because he communicates well and he will tell you like it is.

Fred Moore, Managing Partner – Moore Computing LLP

Fred Moore

Your Board brings accountability. When you own your own business, you really don’t have a lot of accountability beyond yourself. Your Board makes you accountable month-to-month to the promises you make to improve your business. Accountability is good.

Owning a business is very difficult. With Cornell as a coach, he gets and keeps you on the right track with accounting, IT infrastructure, insurance, legal, HR…all the basics of business.

Eric Aschinger, Past Chairman & CEO – Aschinger Electric

Eric Aschinger

While all of the members of my peer board are in a variety of different businesses, what we have in common is we are all in the business of business; hiring, firing, marketing, sales, banking, etc.

The Alexander Group gives you the opportunity to talk with other business owners who truly understand the seat you’re sitting in. Your employees, your directors, your investors, they just can’t truly identify the problems you have because they are not sitting in your seat.

Dean Branson, General Manager – Midwest Agency

Cornell is very good at bringing parties together to solve problems. He has a vast network of Accountants, Attorneys, Bankers, Insurance and Marketing professionals and has a knack for matching up the right fit. I highly recommend Cornell to friends and colleagues who have business challenges similar to mine.

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