Tips From The Top for January 2019

Tips From The Top for January 2019

Photo by Amogh Manjunath on Unsplash

Tips From The Top for January 2019. As a certified peer group facilitator with The Alternative Board (TAB), I get the opportunity to review ideas and insights from TAB facilitators and members from around the world.

Here are my top picks for January 2019…

How much is enough to sell the business for? What lifestyle do you want and does it support it? Is it important to compare your sale other businesses? What is your plan for afterwards? Could you simply delegate the parts of the business you don’t like?

Order in Bulk

James Selecky, Weifield Group

Order in bulk, negotiate with vendors on costs and terms, get guaranteed pricing for several years.

Strategic Plans

TAB Winnipeg Board

When employees aren’t a good fit for your company, set them free to find a company they can be passionate about and skilled at. They may succeed in another field if you set them free to pursue it.

Managing Your Time as a Leader

Chris Cumpton, Integrity Electrical Solutions

As a leader we have to continually assess our effectiveness. Too many of us want to jump in and do it all even though we know that isn’t realistic. When I find myself going too many directions at one time, I ask myself:

  1. What is important to me?
  2. What am I doing that someone else can do?
  3. What am I doing that no one else can do?
  4. Does this fit into what’s important to me?
  5. Who can be trained to do it?

We need to be doing the important things that no one else can do most of the time.

Video for Marketing

Dan Morris, High Point Financial Group

When you are videotaping your presentation to a group, remember to shoot video of the audience. It is very impactful and memorable to see how others are affected by your message and presentation.

Implementing a New System

When you implement a new system such as a CRM, hide a few surprises in the system and reward people who find them. Make it fun and reward the people to invest in learning and using the system.

Effectively Manage a Business

TAB-Winnipeg Board

Financial indicators give us insight into the past (rear view mirror).

Leading indicators provide insight into the future (windshield)

In order to effectively manage a business, we should be reviewing both.

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