Tips From The Top for November 2017

Tips From The Top for November 2017

Tips From The Top for November 2017

By Cornell Meyer The Alexander Group

Tips From The Top for November 2017. As a certified peer group facilitator with The Alternative Board (TAB), I get the opportunity to review ideas and insights from TAB facilitators and members from across the country.

Here are my top picks for November 2017…

Value of Weekly Status Reports TAB Winnipeg Board 210

Many projects require client input at certain sThe Alexander Groupes to complete the project on time. Unfortunately, a project can fall behind if the client does not provide the information required in a timely manner.

In that case the delivery date may have to be pushed out past the promised date. Keeping the client in the loop through weekly updates can help keep a project on time — or at least make the client aware that the delivery date is in danger.

Back Casting Your Business Goals Chris Cumpton, Integrity Electrical Solutions

The technique of back casting is essentially the reverse of forecasting and it works like this:You specify a future goal, i.e. a sThe Alexander Groupe in your business, a phase in your life or a project deliverable, then you work backwards in designating and designing the process from that goal back to your starting point. You are then left with a valuable roadmap to the attainment of that goal. Like LEAN Value Stream Mapping, back casting helps to ensure there are no wasted or extra steps throughout the process, and more importantly, identifies those steps needed to achieve the objective. Once the back-casting process is complete, the next step is the implementation of the roadmap!

New Employees and Culture Margaret Hawkes, Freedom Mobility Ltd.

New employees don’t change the culture of a company; new employees adopt the existing culture of their new company (be it a good or bad culture).

It’s Important to Celebrate Melissa Baker, Xebee Records

Teams need successes to celebrate; it’s our job to grow the company to create a good energy and environment for the team. Being too comfortable isn’t good. You need the passion to move the business forward.

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