Tips From The Top for September 2018

Tips From The Top for September 2018

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Tips From The Top for September 2018

As a certified peer group facilitator with The Alternative Board (TAB), I get the opportunity to review ideas and insights from TAB facilitators and members from around the world.

Here are my top picks for September 2018… Tips From The Top for September 2018

Utilize Your Staff

TAB Winnipeg Board 210

Utilize the staff you have to their realistic maximum before hiring someone new.

Client Relationships

Client relationships are like a bank account: when you do positive things for the client (visit, buy lunch, solve a problem, support a charity the client is close to…), you build savings into your account. When you run into an issue with the client, you withdraw from your savings account. If your savings account goes into overdraft, you are likely in danger of losing the client.

Being Vulnerable Creates Connections

Emily Adams, Neoera Inc.

Sharing our “why” can feel vulnerable but that’s what creates connections and strong bonds both with our team, our clients and our prospective clients.


If you are not getting into trouble as a salesperson, you are not working hard enough.

Can You Do What You Say?

When you are interviewing a candidate for a job, have a test they can perform to prove they can do what they say they can do:
• Have them hang a door, install a toilet or wire a complex circuit if they are applying for a construction job.
• Have them fix a known problem on a computer or configure a new system if they are applying for an IT job.
• Have them fix a faulty balance sheet if they are applying for an accounting job.

What is your “Hang That Door” test?

Fast Growth?

Stephen Passmore, Snap Printing

A wise man once told me: “If you are going to micromanage a task or a person, you might as well do it yourself.” That way you get a better result in far less time. (Of course, you could also consider training someone to do the task properly.)

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