Three Quality Offline Experiences

Three Quality Offline Experiences Business Owners Can Provide Customers

Three Quality Offline Experiences

Three Quality Offline Experiences. Having a strong online presence and investing in digital marketing is important for any business. While social media is important, any good business consultant will tell you that providing quality offline experiences for your customers also is important in its own right.

Here at The Alexander Group, we are firm believers in providing quality offline experiences for customers, which is why we make a point to mention it in every bout of small business consulting that we do. More specifically, the following three offline experiences are great for connecting with customers in real life rather than exclusively online:

#1 Host Interactive Events

Businesses need to create unique experiences for their customers to ensure that they will continue coming back time and time again, and one way to execute that is to host live events that get customers (or potential customers) out of their homes and into actual reality. There are a lot of ways to use social media to encourage this type of engagement, as a time and place for events can be shared that way, but the bottom line here is that people want to feel as though they’re taking part in something unique and memorable if they’re going out into the world to experience it, so give them what they want and ensure those experiences are truly memorable.

#2 Giveaways for Other Real-Life Experiences

If you can’t host the event yourself, perhaps you can engage people by doling out giveaways for other real-life experiences. It could be tickets to a concert, professional sports game, or conference that tickles their fancy, or it could be impromptu experiences in public touting how fun and lively your brand can be. If you can personalize customer engagement throughout this process, all the better. The more they feel like the real-life experiences are catered to them specifically, the more likely customers are to appreciate them.

#3 Run Contests and Hand Out Prizes

One of the best ways to earn the endearment of customers is to give them free stuff, but rather than mailing that free stuff to their homes, have winners claim their prizes in fun and creative ways. Even better is if the prizes you give away are branded swag, since that puts you in the good graces of the customer and helps to create some brand awareness.

Here at The Alexander Group, we do business consulting on a level that reaches your customers online and offline, though spending more time with the latter is a great way to engage a customer base well beyond what they have come to expect from brands that devote all their attention to the online space. The internet matters, as we all know, but creating authentic, personal offline experiences for customers is just as important.