How Your Emotional Intelligence Can Impact Your Business

Have you mastered the art of getting to the point? It’s a sure sign that you’re working on your emotional intelligence as a business leader, something that’s been the topic of our conversations during this month’s client coaching sessions. 

Consider three common challenges that entrepreneurs face: Lack of clear goals and objectives, hyperfocus on their messages (instead of the impact of their words), and the inability to relay directives. Getting to the point and practicing brevity is a solution to these challenges and, in turn, can help empower your team to be more productive, engaged, and connected to you – their leader.

Why Choose Brevity?

Perhaps Mark Twain said it best in a letter he penned to a friend. “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” Twain’s broader meaning is that it takes time, energy, and focus to craft a truly concise yet meaningful message and relay what kind of impact it has on a more global level. By writing that hypothetical shorter letter, you’re flexing your emotional intelligence and building skills that move you forward professionally and personally.

The topic caught our interest after we read this article by Bill Murphy Jr. in Inc. Magazine.

Think about your company’s opportunities to grow revenue, gain a new client, or pivot. Sure, it’s an exciting prospect and one that needs to be relayed to your team, but how you present this new growth to your team makes a difference. The impulse might be to make an announcement about what it means for the business, which would be perfectly acceptable. 

How It Helps Build Emotional Intelligence

However, an emotionally intelligent leader would take the time to craft a concise version of this announcement that speaks to each team member and their roles moving forward. To do this, it’s important to look at this opportunity – every opportunity – from everyone’s perspective, put away the long-winded speeches, and share the core information that matters across the board and not just to you as the leader.

When it comes to building emotional intelligence and learning how to streamline your messages as a business leader and entrepreneur, you may have to step out of your comfort zone. If you’re looking for guidance as you try to avoid pitfalls and work toward growth, you’ve already taken an essential first step. No one can improve if they aren’t willing to learn, and a part of that comes from acknowledging that you aren’t perfect. You’ve made mistakes, but a dependable small business coach can help you avoid repeating them.

What Can Coaching Do?

Coaching is highly beneficial for private business owners who haven’t reached the point of featuring a board of directors, but who need help navigating challenges using emotional intelligence as they arise. Sometimes addressing a predicament on the surface isn’t enough, and it will merely keep returning for as long as the root issue remains. It is critical, then, to understand why the problem exists in the first place.

The Alexander Group uses decades of business experience to guide owners towards fulfilling their visions to meet and exceed their goals. We’ve faced everything you face as a business owner, including trying times that test and build our emotional intelligence. Start learning how to master the art of getting to the point with a more personal, intimate approach to guidance. Balancing work and personal lives is always a challenge. For a business owner, it comes with a great deal of additional stress as one spills into the other. By investing in business coaching, you can receive guidance with both sides of the equation and knowledge to better balance them.